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Things you would never expect

“Our son played travel soccer during his last year on maintenance. He still had his port in and a bit behind on his foot work but it was a great season.”

” Our son has grown so much through this experience. He is so responsible and mature, kind and empathetic. This horrible thing has helped to shape him into an amazing person”

“We are closer now and even happier than before this happened. I can’t believe that one myself.”

“One unexpected gift I have received in this ordeal is the realization of the kindness of others. I have been amazed at the concern and compassion complete strangers have shown when they discover what my daughter is going through.”

“How strong my little daughter is… yes, she has a life threatening illness, yes, she has to endure treatments that I would not wish on my worst enemy, but she is so full of life and laughter and enthusiasm that my heart is filled with awe and I am humbled. If she is able to be strong enough to deal with this, so can we.”

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