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Art From The Heart

Dream room makeover for your child with cancer

Something to look forward to during treatment.

Blood draws. Doctor appointments. Infusion and radiation days. Long trips to and from the hospital. Children with cancer often feel that the things happening in their lives are out of their control.

Art From the Heart is here to help this. For a child undergoing emotionally and physically draining cancer treatment, a comfortable and uplifting place to spend their time is essential. This dream-room makeover program is designed to give these children some sense of control back. Makeovers are completed by a volunteer team with a passion for interior design, that works in conjunction with the child to determine and execute their "dream" vision. The team fundraises and starts planning out the room design, and typically works on this for 4-8 weeks before putting it into place. The room is put together over two days and unveiled during a reveal where the child and their family see it for the first time!

Since 2005, Circle of Care's Art From the Heart teams have been transforming bedrooms and play areas in the homes of young patients using paint, fabric, furnishings, and love – all inspired by the children's boundless imagination.  


Am I eligible to apply? Children in Connecticut ages 4-16 who are presently undergoing treatment are eligible to apply; recipients are chosen by lottery four times per year. 

Please email Tammi if you are interested in applying for a room makeover for your child:

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