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Impact and Annual Reports

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Making a Difference in the Lives of Children with Cancer

We can't change the diagnosis, but we can bring a measure of relief along the journey. We can change moments... We can let families know they're not alone... We can be with them on their journey at crucial points...  

Our unique combination of programs provides practical,  financial, and emotional support to address the non-medical needs of children with cancer. 

Past Annual Reports

Circle of Care prides itself on having a direct impact on the children and families we serve. While there are metrics that can be used to gauge the impact of any individual program, maybe the most important measure of our impact is the response we get from the families we serve. 

"I cannot thank Circle of Care enough for your generosity. As you know, this is a very trying time for us with our entire focus on our son’s well-being. It is very difficult for us to work when our son is literally screaming in pain. Fortunately, we are both self-employed and we do not have a limitation on time-off. Unfortunately, when we don’t work, we don’t earn any money. Your generosity will help us to keep our heads above water. When your child is suffering, nothing else matters, and financial concerns become secondary, although not to the bill collectors…"

Our services are available to all children who are residents of Connecticut, regardless of need. While most are treated at Yale New Haven Children's Hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center – the only two pediatric cancer treatment centers in the state - we also support children from Connecticut who are treated elsewhere in the country. 

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