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Art From The Heart

Maddie had lots of involvement with Circle of Care in the month of May this year! In addition to being this year's 5K Champion, she also had a dream room makeover done through Art From the Heart. Team of Dreams, led by Amy Gonch, worked together to create a grown-up purple wonderland for Maddie. 

Maddie's vision for her room changed a lot between applying for a room makeover and actually having it done. Like many kids her age, she matured significantly over the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. When it came time to re-do her room, Maddie wasn't completely sure what she wanted it to be-- but a few things were clear: she wanted a mature feeling purple theme, an awesome tufted chair so she could have friends hang out with her, and a projector. 

Team of Dreams provided all of this and more! 

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