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Handling Hair Loss

“At first our daughter was very self-conscious about losing her hair so we got her a wig. The Hair Club for Men provides wigs to children being treated for cancer. Our daughter got the wig. It looked very nice on her but after a few occasions she decided she was happier without it. Having the wig was very important however, because SHE got to decide whether she would have hair or not. That meant a lot to her.”

“Our daughter really liked getting and wearing different hats and scarves. It was a great gift to give her. We had fun making scarves at home and decorating them with diamonds and rivets.”

“My son lost all but about 30 strands of hair; he brushed it every day and was very happy to have it.”

“When the hair was falling out fast and furiously I suggested to my son that he show his dad by pulling it out, in front of him, just as he walked in. It helped us all to laugh.”

“My son said that once he lost his hair no one in the elevator or walking through the halls of the hospital would look at him. I learned to always look at the children, say hello and treat them as normally as possible.”

“A lot of friends and family sent hats. It was a great gift and much appreciated.”

“We had a hat party and everyone had to wear one.”

” Address the obvious. When our daughter’s gorgeous hair started falling out, we were all in denial at first. When it became obvious that it was indeed coming out, we casually mentioned it to her, to see if she noticed! Of course she had! She was waiting for us to tell her why! Again, we stressed it was only because of the medicine that was helping her to get better and stay better”

“Let your child decide how to handle their hair loss. My 3½ year old was very nonchalant about her bald is beautiful look. We always accentuated the positive, talking about how now we could see her beautiful eyes so clearly, how soft the new hair growth was, and I always made a point of kissing her on the top of her noggin!”

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