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Join our Circle

Help us to continue our mission by joining one of our Board Committees. Typically less of a time commitment than a board position, but offers you an opportunity to directly impact the work we do.  We are always looking for individuals to help in the following areas. 


- Help us raise awareness! Web copy, social media, press relations and all other forms of communications are created by this committee

Special Events

-Creative, organized and like to have fun? This is the committee for you - help us organize FUN fundraisers throughout the state

Resource Development 

  -Analytical and task driven? This committee led by our Executive Director is focused on grant writing and corporate partnerships

Program Services

- Do you have experience in the pediatric healthcare world? This committee evaluates and manages on-going patient programs as well as developing new ones


Contact us for more information

  • MBIA Foundation
    MBIA Foundation
  • J P Morgan Chase
    J P Morgan Chase
  • Northwestern Mutual
    Northwestern Mutual
  • Georgette Geller
    Georgette Geller