We are a volunteer-driven organization that seeks to make a difference in the lives of children living with cancer, and their families, during treatment. As such, there is a special quality to those who make up our circle. We are guides, survivors, parents, siblings, friends...we've been there, and we know what this journey is like. 

It takes a deep level of commitment to be a part of Circle of Care, but it is an extremely rewarding experience. 

Our Board of Directors


Liz Salguero, Founder & President, Wilton

Dawn Ladenheim, Founder & Treasurer, Wilton

Liz Vega, Vice President, Westport

Jeff Salguero, Vice President, Wilton

Stacey Savas, Secretary, Wilton


Board Members

Christine Baer, Wilton

Maria DiPierro, Fairfield

Missy Dorsey, Weston

Susan Kobylinski, Westport

Karen Morgenbesser, Greenwich

Zelie Pforzheimer, Wilton


Madison Chapter

Colleen Garlick, Madison

Adele Merenstein, Madison


Committee Members

Jeff Belitsky, Fairfield

Bob Hinckley, Westport

Lisa Schneider, Wilton

Jeanna Shepard, New Canaan

Kacky Theoharides, Wilton


Executive Director, Jeff Kimball

Jeff is a versatile, seasoned executive who brings a wealth of experience to his work with Circle of Care. Jeff, our only staff person, works extremely hard providing support to children with cancer during treatment in concert with our incredibly dedicated Board and over 250 volunteers across the state. 

But to really understand Jeff’s connection to Circle of Care, you need to know a little about how cancer has impacted Jeff personally. Jeff understands the long reach of childhood cancer. Having cared for his terminally ill wife, Amy, who first fought cancer as a teenager, and then again in her 30's - Jeff was left to raise their two infant girls by himself into the vibrant young women they are today.  To connect with Jeff, email:

Our Volunteers

As a volunteer-driven organization, our volunteers are the life-blood of Circle of Care. From high school students who work on our Dream Room Makeovers, to gifted designers who lead those teams, to tireless fundraising and event volunteers to specially-trained hospital volunteers, our volunteers are diverse in their talents but all share a passion for our mission. Working with Circle of Care is a commitment, but extremely rewarding.  

Advisory Board

Joseph McNamara, M.D., Guilford

Jeanne Marconi, M.D., Greenwich

Jennifer Moore, M.D., Greenwich

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